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Mother Earth Goddess Statue

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Connect With Nature With Our Mother Earth Goddess Statue

The Mother Earth Goddess Statue is a reminder that we are all connected to one another and our planet. She rests her pregnant belly on Earth, cradling it in between elegant arms decorated with leaves from green trees atop her headgear which represents moonlight reflected off of stars at night-time; this beautiful goddess effortlessly spans both space - spanning across oceans but also time by covering herself underneath vegetation so nobody can see what lies beneath unless they remove some garments themselves

 A mother earth statue is a beautiful and symbolic way to decorate your home or garden. The statue represents the goddess of nature and is a reminder of our connection to the earth. The statue is also a work of art and can add beauty and meaning to your home. If you are looking for a way to add some extra symbolism and depth to your decor, this stunning decorative statue is a great option.

 mother earth statue decoration

A Stunning Piece of Art

Mother Earth sits cross-legged on the ground, pregnant with the Earth. Her hair is made up of green leaves that cover her belly and chest in between two bracelets while an elaborate gold design adorns their tops forming moon & sun upon discovering this new life within ourselves through meditation or otherwise referred to as "knowing."

 In addition to their aesthetic value, mother earth statues can also represent a deep connection to nature. For those who appreciate this connection, having a mother earth Goddess statue in their home can be a powerful way to nurture their love of the natural world. Whether placed in the garden or inside the home, these statuettes make a beautiful and meaningful addition to any space

mother earth goddess statue art 

 Statue Material & Size

It is created with environment-friendly resin, finely polished bronze and hand-drawn detailing. Measuring 15x15x11cm, it won't occupy too much space and can perfectly decorate any area.


Story of Mother Earth

Mother Earth is not just a personification of nature but also embodies it. She focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspects by embodying these qualities within herself as well!

Mother Earth is featured in various historical texts, from Ancient Greece to Asia and the Americas. Despite the different representations of this goddess, one thing they have in common is her loving and giving nature that blesses our everyday lives.

earth goddess garden statue

Best Wishes

 We hope you enjoy our new home decor. This is a gift from the earth, made of natural materials and with intentions that will bring life into any space! You can also give this as a thoughtful present for friends or family members who might need some soothing elements in their lives too.

Many homeowners enjoy sculptures and statues as part of their home decor, but few realize that these pieces can also have a deeper meaning. A mother earth statue is a perfect example. As the name suggests, these statues depict the goddess of fertilitynature, and the Earth. These statuettes are often beautifully crafted, making them both a work of art and meaningful addition to any home. 

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