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Orgonite Pyramids

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Clear Negativity From Your Life With Our Orgonite Pyramids

Orgonite pyramids are increasingly becoming popular as home decorations. These stunning pyramids are said to emit orgone energy, which is a positive force that can help improve your mood and wellbeing. 
They are also said to be beneficial for your health, as they can help to improve circulation and protect you from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Orgonite pyramids are easy to care for, and they make a beautiful addition to any home.

A perfect gift for the holistic person in your life, these crystal grids are useful during meditation and healing sessions. They can also be used at home or office to promote positive energy!

Amazing Decor That Has Amazing Mental & Physical Benefits

Orgonites are the perfect solution for all your health needs! They have been used by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to help with a huge variety of issues since he first developed it in 1935-1936. Orgone pyramids work on both physical and emotional planes, making them an excellent choice if you want more energy or better psychological balance in life. 
The theory is that the special combination of metals, organic resin and crystals can help with a huge variety issues.

Helps improve mood, focus, and motivation


The electronic smog we are exposed to on a daily basis can have lasting effects that affect our mental health. Have you noticed how spending too much time with electronic devices stresses us out and puts us in bad moods? These orgonite pyramids will help neutralize the negative impact these EMF sources have had over your well-being!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I have one in each room. I finally stopped surfing the internet and took up reading again. Could say it grounded me and helped me think clearer." - Eston 

Positive intentions and love are used to make our orgone energy pyramids

The ancient Egyptians were not only renowned for their beauty but also the technology they invented. One such invention was how to harness energy and use it as an important part in everyday life, this is done by simply holding or being near these pyramids which will cause you have large amounts of positive emotions.


A filter against toxic energy in your surroundings

Negative and toxic energy is absorbed by the mixture of metals, crystals in resin and becomes redistributed to an energy that is harmonized for the human body to heal itself. 


The pyramid shape not only enhances the effects of your gems and crystals, but also helps you manifest more goodness into this world.

The amazing thing about orgone energy pyramids is that they amplify whatever energy or frequencies are inside them

Energy Pyramid Contents 

Amethyst - has been known to help with self-control, calm severe emotions and sleep patterns. It also helps in meditation practices by raising the level of spirituality that one experiences while using this stone for healing purposes

Blue Quartz - the beautiful blue crystal has many benefits for those who are struggling. It can help alleviate fear, balance the throat chakra and improve communication skills to stand up for yourself or reach out when needed most; however it also helps with sadness because peace will restore your happiness once again!

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